The Story

Rebecca East and Keely Mancini attended a fundraiser event at Scott and Anne-Maree Attwooll’s property, “Uralla” in Meandarra (4 ½ hours west of Brisbane). Bec and Keely were there to support Scott and Anne-Maree Attwooll who had organised a fundraising event in memory of Graeme Bridle, a mate who they lost suddenly due to heart failure.

When they arrived, it was hot, 44 degrees in the shade but the heat was the furthest thing from anyones’ mind. The 300 guests braved the heat dressed in typical farmer attire, long sleeved shirts, heavy pants and RMs, women in heels and their best frocks.

The energy and spirit inspired these two city chicks who soon stopped complaining about the heat and listened to the tribute to Graeme Biddle, a local farmer who was taken suddenly by an undiagnosed heart condition. Had he known, he might still be here today. These farmers never leave the land for check-ups. They never put their health first and they ignore the signs. Rural communities do not receive the same level of medical care we do in the cities. Rural communities deserve the same level of medical support.

As the day progressed, so too did the community spirit. United this tight group of people who rely on each other to survive celebrated the life of Graeme Biddle and raised money to support the Heart of Australia semi-trailer to expand its reach.  

Dr Rolph Gomes, the guest speaker and founder of the Heart of Australia talked about what he is doing for Rural Queenslanders.  He is an ambitious and caring cardiologist who has built a mobile heart clinic in the back of a semi trailer and it travels around rural Queensland delivering medical services to these communities!! See this

Bec and Keely were hooked. They realised what they took for granted in the city was not available in the country and began to discuss a plan as to how they could help.  They decided to combine their love for cycling and endurance events and ride from Brisbane to “Uralla”, Meandarra with some mates who were crazy enough to follow them.  They hoped to raise awareness and much need funds to keep this semi-trailer on the road and get to more of our Queensland farmers.

Dr Rolf Gomes (left) and Anne-Maree & Scott Attwool (right)
Dr Rolf Gomes (left) and Anne-Maree & Scott Attwool (right)