I was hooked from the moment I heard what GGH was about. The passion Bec and Keely have is remarkable, and having been involved with many charities, I know it’s the one thing you need more than anything else. And when you meet cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes, you understand where it comes from. I still think about the stories he told at the inaugural GGH lunch, about his rural patients, and what they go through to get the heart care we, here in the city, take for granted. GGH is a unique organisation and I feel privileged to be part of it, supporting the delivery of better health services for country Queenslanders, changing their lives and potentially saving them.

Melissa Downes Hearts on the River MC

Heart of Uralla 2017 ride had it all – laughs, heat, cold, lots of wind, French bubbles, new friends, sore butts, incredibly beautiful scenery, amazing support crew and most of all the opportunity to test yourself while raising money and awareness for much needed health services for our bush mates! I would thoroughly recommend this GGH event for anyone wanting to do something incredible with like-mind people and experience the real feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. We left Brisbane as 32 riders, and landed in Meandarra as a pelaton of 32 J Thank you Bec and Keely – the ride of my life so far!!!”

Bella Reynolds (rider)

After returning from our epic ride West everyone asks how was it? My response has been that it was one of the most rewarding, challenging & enjoyable things I have ever done! It was great to be with a group of new and inspiring women and doing something so rewarding. As a country girl I can truly understand how much the people in the bush need this service. I think it was great to “do something” for others in need. A great lesson for our children as well.

Kate Warby (rider)

From the inspiration of watching Keely and Bec pull this whole thing together in such a short time, the great bunch of strong women along for the ride, the Heart of Australia bus and the incredibly inspiring Dr Rolf Gomes for who we were raising money, seeing our goal of $55000 end up around $118000, making our way through communities who were so grateful for what we were doing, the awesome support crew who made it all work so seamlessly and so much laughter and fun along the way (as well as lots of sore bits!). As well as all of that, it was a great chance to challenge our bodies and minds and ride through some beautiful countryside in this great country of ours.

I hope that this is just one of many of these rides I get to be a part of!! Thank you so much to Bec and Keely for having the vision and making it happen!

Sara Moser (rider)

I was unfortunate to suffer a heart attack when I was 34 year old. I was on top of Mt Beewah and had to be medi-vaced from the top of the mountain by helicopter.

Although I exercised regularly, I had no idea I had chronic heart disease. The fact that I was close to medical help meant I suffered minimal damage to my heart.

People living in the country don’t have the luxury of prompt medical treatment as us city folk so the key to having healthy country people is regular medical check-ups that focus on diagnosing Heart Disease before it causes a heart attack or stroke.

When approached by Keely and Bec to assist with the “Girls got Heart” fundraising event I immediately said ‘Yes’. I could see great value in the Heart Bus and I encourage all people who can assist on one way or another to also say ‘Yes’.

Rossco Hames (support crew)

Bec and Keely,

You guys ROCKED!

It was a fab tour and I never thought I would have sooo much fun not being an active participant. It’s a credit to all the ladies who rode a tough course, at times under brutal conditions. A special thanks to the support crew who made it so much easier for those involved.

Marcus Neil (drone operator)

These ladies inspired and motivated me to become more like them: a strong, passionate team member with the courage to do weird and wonderful things that benefit the people around me. Amazing!


At the end of 2017 I had the privilege to meet and be inspired by the initial remarkable women who founded Girls Got Heart. Through their utter hard work and determination these Brisbane girls made up a team to improve remote Queensland’s heart health services. What inspired me most about these selfless women was that they were two everyday school mums, that had a dream and strove to achieve that dream and despite the setbacks they succeeding with flying colours. Living in a remote location myself, I know firsthand the lack of health services we have compared to our city-dwelling friends and I am truly grateful to have been able to meet these inspiration ladies.


Every year the Year 11 cohort at Fairholme College have a Careers Engagement Day which starts with a motivational speaker. Last year three wonderful women from the Girl’s got Heart Campaign donated their time and delivered an inspirational and motivating presentation which was well received by the Year 11s and the supervising teachers. These women through their passion and commitment have been able to make significant differences to the lives of others through fundraising and raising awareness of heart disease screening and treatment for people living in rural and remote areas. The ripple effect of what they are doing is enormous – not to mention how many young women from Year 11 have been able to change their view of what they can do to make a difference locally and globally. The presentation delivered by Bella Reynolds, Keely Mancini and Rebecca East was by far one of the most influential presentations that I have attended and a must for all young women to help them realise their own potential and get them thinking about developing an idea of what they can achieve with thought and passion.

Laura Anderson (Fairholme College)