Heart of Australia

Key Statistics

People living in rural or remote areas are:

  • 44% more likely to die from heart disease;
  • 70% more likely to die from heart failure;
  • 31% more likely to die from stroke;
  • These figures are twice as likely for rural Indigenous people.

Women’s heart health in Australia:

  • Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australian women. Women are almost three times more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer (Heart Foundation 2017).
  • 40% of heart attacks in women are fatal and many occur without prior warning. Sadly, the majority of women don’t realise it’s their number one killer (Heart Research Australia 2017).

Why heart disease is less recognized in women (Heart Research Australia 2017):

  • Women tend to develop symptoms of heart disease at a much later stage of the illness than men;
  • Their symptoms are often vague or ‘non-specific’;
  • Some diagnostic tests for heart disease are less accurate in women than in men;
  • Women are less likely to seek help.

Numbers for Heart of Australia bus since launch in October 2014 (to date):


  • 2934 patients
  • 5319 episodes of care
  • 863km (avg travel distance saved per patient)
  • 735 regional clinics
  • 17%  patients are indigenous