Five days of back to back riding on the glorious roads of outback Queensland.  The team of like-minded women wanting to do something bigger than themselves. Challenging themselves for others.

You will experience the beauty of the outback, the community spirit and the power of what a team can do. The stars in the night sky, magical sunrises and sunsets, the peace and tranquility of riding in the country along with the harshness of the outback, heat, winds and vast distances all of which makes our Ride with Heart so special.


With 40 riders we will ride as a peloton from Brisbane to Meandarra leaving Brisbane on Monday 12th August and arrive into Meandarra on Friday 16th August.

Our days will start at 6am and finish by 4pm and we will cover approx 150km per day.

We will have full support during the tour complete with three vehicles following the peloton at all times.  This enables the riders to ride and ride only. The rider’s safety is paramount and the team at GGH work hard to minimise risks and provide an extremely safe tour.  We have police permits and council approvals, risk assessments and health and safety guidelines in place. There is absolutely nothing to worry about – just the riding!

The peloton will stop three or four times a day for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.  All meals, drinks and energy supplies will be provided every day. We will keep you well fed and hydrated for the long days ahead.

We will be welcomed by the locals into five different towns along the way, and spend the night.  On three of the nights, we will roll out our swags and sleep on the floor of the local football club and the other two nights we will enjoy the comfort of a motel bed and all the luxuries that come with that.

When we roll into Meandarra on the final night we will be celebrating with a big party, and family and friends are welcome to come and join in.

On Saturday the 17th August, there will be a bus so you can travel back to Brisbane in comfort with your bike and luggage.

We will have lead riders (coaches) throughout the peloton encouraging you, giving you tips and full support.  The support cars are there to offer you a reprieve if exhaustion takes over and a short or long break is needed.

The GGH moto is “we ride as fast as the slowest rider, and no rider is left behind”.  We are a team and we stay together as a team the whole way.

With this statement, we do have minimum riding standards to keep the peloton safe and open respect for all riders.  Please look in our Rider Resources for more information on prerequisites for this ride.

The most rewarding things you can do in life are very rarely easy. GGH have a strong support structure in place to help you achieve your goal and will encourage you all the way. Taking on a challenge like this can renew your focus on life and what’s important and you’ll gain a real sense of achievement.  You will not only achieve something really special on an individual level but you’ll also contribute to a higher goal, benefiting others.

Our rides draw women of all ages with varying sporting abilities and experience. Some are very new to cycling while others have been doing it for decades! What they all have in common is a big heart, a great attitude and a determination to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Very often it is the newer riders in our group who earn the most respect and admiration from their peers in the peloton.

What’s included?

  • 5 Nights Accommodation
  • All meals on tour
  • Full on-road support crew
  • Bike Mechanic
  • Pilates
  • Massage

40 riders ONLY.  $1050 registration fee.  $1000.00 fundraising goal.

With heart we ride for rural health.


RIDE WITH HEART Team Training Program begins 1st April (you must be able to ride 50km)

Get ready with this  8 week ‘Couch to 50km’ training program available now.