Want to ride?

Welcome to Girls Got Heart and Hearts on the Road multi day cycling event.

There is no doubt about it training for a multi-day event can be daunting and although there may be many great reasons why you are thinking of signing up for this ride you may actually be wondering if you can do it? Well, the answer is ‘yes you can!’

Whatever your reasons for teaming up with Girls Got Heart, we can guarantee you will have a fantastic time, it will be a challenge and you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone but you will also meet heaps of amazing people and most of all you’ll be raising money for a very worthy cause.

With steady, proper preparation you can finish, even flourish on the bike day after day. The secret to your success in a multi day ride will be adhering to your training program, you will kick goals along the way and the team at GGH are here to support you throughout.

There is a level of commitment expected from each rider to ensure that you have a safe, successful and enjoyable event and a 16 week training plan will be posted for GGH multi day rides.  Please remember that this is a gradual increase and build in training and it is very manageable.

The assumption is that each rider will be able to ride 50km at a steady pace and have some experience riding in a group when starting the 16 week training plan.

If you are new to riding with limited or no bike experience this 8 week couch to 50km build plan will give you an opportunity to improve your fitness on the bike and give you the preparation you need to start the 16 week program.  GGH also schedule basic beginners sessions which will be available to new riders once registered for a ride.