Overcoming disappointment – May 2020

How do we turn a disappointment around ?  Scrolling through social media over the past few months got me thinking, how are people coping with the cancellation of events?  Which in turn led to the question; how do we cope with disappointment, injury or perceived failure with relation to an event [Read More]

How are you coping with COVID19? – April 2020

What were you doing in January 2020? At the beach? Camping? A group ride on a Sunday with 10 mates? Maybe a BBQ with friends? What were you doing in February 2020?  We were all waking up to the Today show, news reports of a mystery virus slowly beginning it’s spread [Read More]

‘Peaks Challenge’- March 2020

We are so excited to introduce ‘In The Saddle with…’ our regular blog, keeping you connected with what’s happening, not just with the Girls Got Heart team but also with our community.   To kick off our first edition, I thought I would share some of the crazy riding a [Read More]