Our Story

Girls Got Heart is led by founders, best friends and passionate cyclists – Keely Mancini and Rebecca East.

The girls met in Brisbane when their children were young toddlers,  first at the local gym, then in the local park with the kids and then the same coffee shop, these accidental meetings were comical, they were obviously meant to be friends.  Keely and Bec soon realised they had a lot in common, sharing similar life goals and a strong commitment to healthy living, staying fit and encouraging others to join them, they hit it off immediately and have been firm friends ever since.

One of their strongest connections is training and competing in various events, which have been many over the years ranging from 10km runs to marathons and Ironman.  These events have often been an excuse for a girls weekend away and an opportunity to recalibrate and spend some time with friends, away from the demands of family life.  They both firmly believe that anything is possible if you take that first step,  just keep moving forward, just keep turning up and not only will you have a lot of fun but you’ll meet some great people and surprise yourself along the way.

A charity event in late 2016 in Meandarra, Western Queensland, led the girls to the struggles of Queenslanders living in rural and isolated communities due to poor access of critical health care.  This event had been organised by the Meandarra community in memory of a local farmer Graeme Bridle who had died suddenly due to an undiagnosed heart condition, had he known he might still be here today. The community were raising funds for the Heart of Australia, so that the service could bring its mobile heart clinic and specialist care to Meandarra.  The event was hosted by Bec’s good friends,  Scott and Ann-Marie Attwooll on their property ‘Uralla’.  

Keely and Bec were inspired by the energy and spirit of the local community which touched their hearts and as a consequence, combining their love of fitness and community Girls Got Heart was born and in 2017 was launched as a platform to not only raise funds but also to create awareness of this issue, educating and promoting change where possible and importantly creating connection between communities in the city and the country.

Queenslanders living in rural and isolated communities too often find themselves in a position where they rarely put their health first.  Often ignoring the signs that may prompt them to seek out health care because it is too hard and traveling into the city takes up too much time, they simply cannot afford to be away from their property.

Queenslanders living in rural communities do not receive the same level of medical care that their city counterparts do with devastating consequences this is something that needs to change so challenge yourself, join us and ride with us, dare to dream and together we can make a difference.



Keely and Rebecca would like to thank everyone who has supported Girls Got Heart on this crazy yet vital journey. We are so fortunate to live in a city with everything we need at our finger tips.

With heart we ride for rural health – These Girls Got Heart

Keely and Bec xx