How are you coping with COVID19? – April 2020

What were you doing in January 2020? At the beach? Camping? A group ride on a Sunday with 10 mates? Maybe a BBQ with friends?

What were you doing in February 2020?  We were all waking up to the Today show, news reports of a mystery virus slowly beginning it’s spread from China.  The questions were coming thick and fast, our minds were racing…….  What is coronavirus?  What does this mean?   Is this a media beat up? Is it really a killer?  What does pandemic even mean?

April is here and the world has completely changed, something none of us have ever experienced before, or ever imagined could happen.  

We are all at home isolated. The fight for toilet paper is over but still a confusing memory.  If you’re not already out of work, it is a looming fear. The unemployment figures have nearly hit 10%.  If you are still working, it’s from home, you’re in the wardrobe trying to work while hiding from the children.  Strict social distancing rules are in place, you can’t stand next to anyone unless you are 1.5m apart, no more than two people together at any one time. No catch up with friends, group exercise is a thing of the past, pubs are shut, movies closed months ago,  beauty parlours no longer exist, and Bondi Beach is closed!!!  Rock stars are holding concerts in their private lounge rooms and sharing it for free on YouTube. Who could ever have imagined? We are NOT ALLOWED OUT, and we must stay at home.  The harsh reality of isolation and self-quarantine is very real.  We must all play a part in controlling the spread of this terrible contagious virus. It is invisible, deadly and causing the world to stop. The world economy is coming to a standstill.

This time of uncertainty causes fear, frustration, and freezes us all.  The unfamiliar feeling is sometimes debilitating.  The lack of control and the unknown is overwhelming and it doesn’t feel good at all.

Whatever is facing this earth at the moment, whatever is happening I need to find a way to deal with it. Adjust and be strong. I need to run my own race and concentrate on what I have control of, not on what I can’t control. I conscientiously need to find what makes me strong in mind and body and deliberately live to pursue those things.

I keep coming back to my exercise, I feel so lucky to have this in my life. An existing love and powerful resource I can draw on in times of need. 

I have always got my strength from exercise. A regular routine surrounded by a community of likeminded people who also share this same joy of getting out in nature, sweating, digging deep and achieving goals. This gives me energy and clarity so I can tackle whatever life throws at me and, if possible, help others.

The alarm goes off each morning and I get up.  Putting one foot on the floor and then the other foot, this is always the hardest part but you get up. You never question it, you commit to it and you’ll never regret it.  

For me, this morning routine is my ‘moment of awe’ where I get my strength.  My exercise usually takes me to the fringes of nature, in forests, tall trees reaching to the sky, winding tracks you can’t see the end of and sunrises that take your breath away.  My heart rate is elevated, endorphins pumping, my thoughts soften, my tank is full and I am ready to conquer whatever is happening in this crazy world of COVID19. 

This routine, or moment of awe, allows me to keep positive to process this ‘new normal life’, this unknown. This is one of the few things I can control which allows me to relax, be mindful and forget about what’s going on around us.

This is week six of isolation, I feel like I have regrouped over Easter and now this new normal is starting to feel…. I was going to say normal, but that is not the case, it is definitely not normal but I am managing what I can and trying not to focus on what I can’t. There is a little more calm in my world and I hope there is in yours too.

I strongly recommend you find your ‘moment of awe’, where you get your strength from and draw on it.

Remember we can do this!!! We can adapt, and we are resilient.

Get your strength, control what you can and forget about the rest. Keep moving forward and Run your own race!!!


Look after yourself.

Be smart, follow the rules.

Wash your hands. 

Hug those you can.

Support your mates. 

Reach out, we are all still here.  

Find your AWE.  Find where you get your strength and energy.

Find the quiet in this new normal, be kind to yourself and run your own race.

Appreciate the efforts people are making to keep the normal as normal as possible.


Bec x