16 Week Training Program



The thought of preparing to ride 150 kilometres each day for five consecutive days can be a little daunting at first but with steady, proper preparation you can finish, even flourish on the bike day after day. The secret to your success, will be adhering to your training program and ticking off some goals along the way.

When preparing for a Girls Got Heart ride the team will support you throughout but there is a level of commitment expected from each rider to ensure that you have a safe, successful and enjoyable event.  This 16 week program it is a gradual build and increase in training which will ensure that you are ready for a 5 day ride.

At the start of the 16 week training plan the assumption is that you are able to ride 50km at a steady pace and have some experience riding in a group. Our Couch to 50km training plan will help you steadily build your fitness on the bike and then you will be ready to start this training program.

Listed here are a few things that might help in your preparation and adherence to your training program.

  1. Be realistic about the demands of the ride, what it entails, the distances and the elevation of some of the climbs. Think about the climate and the time of year that you will be riding.  The more information you have the better prepared you will be.
  2. Identify your available training times and plan your workouts.  Utilise the 16 week program below but be flexible if you need to be. We all have family commitments and social engagements to consider so it’s OK to adjust your program along the way.  Plan for upcoming personal events and work around them.
  3. Train consistently, just get up and go, but remember if you have a bad session let it go, don’t worry about what other riders are doing and don’t give yourself a hard time if things don’t go to plan.  Its easy to get overwhelmed when you think ahead to the big event so just focus on one week at a time and trust the process. Just turn up and train.
  4. Manage your sleep and nutrition. Recovery is a very important part of your training plan your body needs time to rest so that it can adapt. If you can, have a nana nap after long rides or at least get to bed early. Nutrition is also very important for obvious reasons and for more information click here Nutrition for Cycling.  Planning your nutrition and experimenting with different foods and drinks before the event will make sure that you are prepared for a week of riding and know how best to fuel your body for long days on the bike.
  5. Make sure you look after your body off the bike.  Mobility and strength work are an extremely important part of the training plan.  Its important to ‘unravel’ yourself after long periods of time on the bike with correct stretching and mobility exercises and together with correct strength work, you will help improve your riding. Cross training is a great way to work your muscles in other ways so include some running, swimming, gym work into your week if you can.


This 16 week train plan is a basic guide to help improve your cycling fitness in preparation for a multi-day cycle event.  There are 3 main workouts per week.

Please note that you can move these days around to suit your timetable but it is ideal to have a day off in-between each workout initially.

The weekly sessions are based on training indoors but can be done outdoors if preferred.

Tuesday sessions = Strength endurance (If riding outdoors find a good size hill near you and do repeats, preferably with some flat ground inbetween)

Thursday sessions = Speed endurance (If riding outdoors find an appropriate circuit/route or track where you can do efforts)

Weekend Long Ride = increasing time and km on the bike.

Wednesday Outdoor Ride = these are an optional ride.

As the weeks progress it is advised to add an additional ride prior to or after your long weekend ride so that you get used to riding on consecutive days. These rides are in the plan.


The training sessions are based on your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). This is a numerical indication of how hard you should be working, ranging from RPE 1 (minimal effort) through to RPE 10 (maximum effort). See chart below.

Image result for rpe chart


16 Week Training Plan

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